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Donemana Primary School Strabane

Legs, Legs, Legs!

24th Oct 2018

P3 were seeing legs everywhere on Friday!  Our Problem Solving task involved having to first find a strategy to use to help work out the answer.  Ten legs in the garden so how many hens and how many dogs were there?  The children were encouraged to go and think about how they would go about solving this and I was DELIGHTED to see that some automatically reached for equipment to help them with their thinking.  Whilst using pegs, straws, pencils and milk top lids the children began to group their 10 objects into groups of 2 to represent the hens and 4 to represent the dogs.  They discovered that there could be 3 hens and 1 dog or 2 dogs and 1 hen - both correct answers.  They were then challenged with a harder question and I was so very proud of how they went about their thinking.  Well done P3, I'll be challenging you even more next time!